Constituent Service Network is a powerful web based system for legislators and their staff members. It comes loaded with every registered voter in your district and provides easy to use tools for interacting with them.

Online access

All of your data will be stored securely on our server and accessed by you and your staff just by logging in to the system from anywhere. You can add as many users to your account as you need.

Data Collection and Tracking

Our system helps your staff follow the flow of events that take place for serving constituent requests for assistance, appearance and meeting requests. It also collects feeback from your constituents about issues and provides tools for accessing and analyzing that information.

Communication Programs

Our system makes it easy to reach out to your consitutents via email burst or direct mail based on the criteria of your choosing.

Smart Phone Enabled

CSN is also engineered for smart phone use, providing key functionality from vurtually anywhere.

Case Study:
Filling a Townhall Meeting

State Representative Ken Dunkin's staff used CSN to generate lists of voters aged 50 and above who lived in the vicinity of an upcoming townhall meeting and then used the phone to alert them. They had a turnout of over 250 people at the townhall meeting.