Quenton Galvin
Quenton Galvin has worked on both the legislative and political side of government. Through understanding the needs of The People, elected officials and the unique challenges faced in district offices, he designed and implemented the Constituent Service Network.

Quenton has been a programmer since studying physical science in college. He has worked for State Senators, Representatives, Alderman, Mayors and served in the United States Navy as a cryptologist in the Naval Security Group.

Jon Skomp
Jon is an expert server and security engineer. He keeps the Constituent Service Network server system operating at peak efficiently and with the utmost securitry. Through careful monitoring and maintenance, the server is in extremely capable hands.

Jon is an expert in hardware, network attack methods and counter measures and stays abreast of the latest developments. Jon has worked in server security for a long list of Fortune 500 companies including Baxter, Abbott Labs and Boeing.

Case Study:
Filling a Townhall Meeting

State Representative Ken Dunkin's staff used CSN to generate lists of voters aged 50 and above who lived in the vicinity of an upcoming townhall meeting and then used the phone to alert them. They had a turnout of over 250 people at the townhall meeting.