Connecting Legislators with the People in Their Community

Constituent Service Network is an online database driven system specifically designed for government offices. It comes loaded with every registered voter in your district and enables you and your staff to easily collect information from your consituents through an easy to use web interface.

List Generation

Easily generate highly targeted lists using issues, demographics or our flexible tagging system.

Voter Feedback

CSN makes it easy to collect and understand voter feedback on issues and bills. It tracks, tabulates and graphs the ongoing results.


CSN is indispensable for reaching out to constituents through email, canvassing, print or phone banking.

Case Management

Open and track constituent requests from start to finish.

Case Study:
Filling a Townhall Meeting

State Representative Ken Dunkin's staff used CSN to generate lists of voters aged 50 and above who lived in the vicinity of an upcoming townhall meeting and then used the phone to alert them. They had a turnout of over 250 people at the townhall meeting.